What are Clinical Trials?

For information on Clinical Trials, including booklets to download, please see:


If you would like to know more about trials – what steps should be carried out to make sure they are done correctly and why these steps are necessary – this is a fantastic free and interactive multimedia resource: 

Testing treatments interactive: introduction to clinical trials 

The video is available in a selection of different languages.

Or here is the audio book in Spanish  (links to the English resources are currently down but keep checking back.)    Choose individual chapters or read from start to finish:

Testing treatments interactive: Audiobook

The EUPATI (European Patients’ Academy) site has a toolkit and an a-to-z which makes it easy to search.  Their aim: “We do not educate about disease-specific issues or therapies, but about the process of medicines development in general.”

Understanding Health Research

From the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Medical Research Council, here is an interesting collection of information about health research, including some of the scientific concepts behind research.
A tool for making sense of health studies

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