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Useful Irish Sites

For useful tips and advice on staying fit and healthy, here are some good sites to check:

Healthy eating habits and advice can be found at:

Find out what to do when you or your family don’t feel well:

Under the Weather”.

Recently diagnosed with a condition?  Read up on it at your leisure at:

Where is my nearest GP/Hospital/Health Centre?  How do I apply for a Medical Card?  For answers to these practical questions, visit: 


“Plain English” Dictionary

To translate difficult medical words and phrases, click here for a very useful dictionary from the University of Michigan.  Because it’s American there may be some differences in spelling. 

“Mobile” Health

Download this excellent Irish app for your mobile phone (free):   It will give you health news, let you look up any symptoms, find a nearby health service and so on.

Apps like Fitbit can help you start and keep up with your fitness plan:

Useful Information for Specific Conditions 

The newsletter “HEAR” contains websites, titles of books in plain English, and other useful information on different conditions, such as skin cancer.  You can find them on by first going to  The full list of titles will appear and you can choose whichever is of interest.  A new title is added about every two months so keep checking even if you don’t see anything of interest first time round.

Two very good websites from abroad providing information on health conditions, including quizzes and easy to read summaries: (this is from the US National Library of Medicine so the information is aimed at Americans) and (the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).   These sites give you easy-to-follow descriptions of a huge range of illnesses.

We also recommend you check out this page of links selected by the Cochrane Consumer network.

Check rare conditions at: – some conditions have their own specific website, e.g. Mesothelioma (asbestos illnesses), while the treatment options are US-specific the information on the condition is helpful.

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