How to Identify a Good Health Website



The National Library of Medicine in America has created a handy slideshow to give you confidence that the website you are looking at can be trusted.  (Note you will need Flash Player to run the slideshow).  The information they provide is just as relevant here as the web doesn’t recognise country borders. 

The findings are summed up in this table below:

How to recognise a good health website
Written or approved by qualified health professionals….
.. who provide their identity and contact details
.. who are not supported by or endorsing commercial interests e.g. drug companies
.. who are clear about their aims and back up their claims with evidence
.. who will not ask for unnecessary personal or identifying details when signing up (if required)
.. who are not trying to sell you something (any ads on the page should be clear they are ads)
.. and who update their site on a regular basis
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