….. find the best online health information 

(source: Ferguson, T. (2002). From patients to end users : Quality of online patient networks needs more attention than quality of online health informationBMJ : British Medical Journal324(7337), 555–556.)

This link below has good practical advice on when and how to find the best health information on the internet, and what to do with it:

Guide for patients: how to find the best health information online

….. make sense of health in the news

Health-related stories appear every day in the media, but how do we know what to believe or how to make sense of what they claim?  Two services, one in the UK and one in America, take a look at the story behind the headlines and explain it to us in plain English.  They are both called “Behind the Headlines”.

The UK “Behind the Headlines” is run by the National Health Service (NHS) and most of the stories included also find their way into the Irish news, and vice versa.

In America, the service is managed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and they do take a look also at health stories making the headlines in other countries.


How to Identify a Good Website

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