About the Website


“In the nineteenth century health was transformed by clear, clean water. In the twenty-first century, health will be transformed by clean clear knowledge.” (Sir Muir Gray, Director UK National Knowledge Service and NHS Chief Knowledge Officer)

Our aim is to provide the information you need in order to search online for good quality information on any health topic.  We will include tips on how to identify a reliable, honest website that is not trying to cause confusion or sell you something.  Click on the “Training” link to check these out.

Whenever we can, we will use a range of different formats (video, slides, podcasts and text) so that all preferences are catered for.

In addition, we will provide some “starter pack” resource collections for specific groups and settings – for teachers, for carers, talking with your doctor and so on.  All the health sites we recommend, or information we provide, have been reviewed by clinical experts and colleagues in St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group.  These can be found under “Useful Links“.

This Beta Site has been set up with funding from the St. Vincent’s Foundation and we are very grateful for their support.

As it is a test site, what we really want is to hear what you think.  We would of course like your views on the content provided, but please also send us comments and suggestions on what you think should also be included or could be done better.

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